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lv.jpgMy name is Viktor Lőrincz. I was born in Budapest in 1973.
I am a musician, basically bass guitarist, but I play electric guitar, and also compose and write music. I have been playing the bass guitar since 1990. I have been learning music only in autodidacta way, I have never learned music from teachers. (I am not too proud of this.)  I have played with lots of very good musicians, so I got a lot of inspiration and knowledge from them. The 2007-2012 years was the most successful period for developing my bass knowledge, because I started to learn other playing techniques, those I had not used before. I saw and heard lots of good bass guitarists on the youtube channel, and I tried to learn a lot from them. I hope I made some good bass videos, and I hope I will be able to give good concerts or feelings to everyone who likes my works.

More information about me on the NoTreble online magazin, more news on my English facebook profile: Vickeymusic


viktor5.jpgSome years ago, when I made my first videos, I didn’t think that bass adaptations or solos could be successful.
I am very happy that there are lots of people who look and listen to my works, send me comments, and would like to show new bass videos.

My YouTube channel already has more than 3000 subscribers, if You like my works and haven’t done yet, please subscribe to it!

My new Melodic bass track:


New B2Men actual Cover:

My instrumental guitar music from '90 Rock style:

My new bass video, Overload bass solo:

I would like to introduce my new Rock bass guitar, the MLp V-Bass. This guitar made by MLpguitars!

My new bass video with my MLP Lőrincz Viktor signature bass guitar:

I made my new solo with MLp Lőrincz Viktor signature bass guitar! I hope You will enjoy it! Special thanks to Mr László Molnár! - MLp Guitars

My new drum and bass video with my friend Zsolt Borbély!
Short story: Zsolt Borbély made a drum video with Angel Drums, and when I saw that first, I decided that I try to play a bass theme.
Zsolt wore a helmet, so I wore a cycling dress.
Thank You for the MLP Guitars and the owner László Molnár!
I used the MLP Prince single cut model.
I hope You will enjoy it!

I made my new bass solo. I play parts of this solo at the Keresztes Ildikó Band's concerts.


New B2Men cover! Vocal:László Peck  B2Men facebook page

I recorded my new bass song, the "Vikofunk"! I hope You enjoy it:


I made a solo with delay effect. I played just 8th rhythm, every second sounds come from the delay effect. This solo is not too hard, just need to keep the tempo, and need to play short sounds. The delay's parameters are written on the video.

I made this bass solo for Guitar Titan (2011) competition of NeoFM Bumeráng Radio Show.
Thanks a lot for Gábor Bochkor, Lajos Boros, János Voga who play lots of guitar music.
I used Modulus FB5 bass guitar, EBS Fafner II amplifier, Roland V-Bass (chorus and reverb), Elixir strings for this record. I have been inspired by Victor L. Wooten and Gustavo Dal Farra. Enjoy it!

Very good news: My bass solo become 3. on the  bass web site. Thanks Notreble!!!  


I love this song, so I have learned it, and I tried to play with my style. Thank You Victor Wooten, I have learned a lot from this song!